Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Race

Imagine you've been promised a big horse race with only 4 spots open.

Trainers may submit horses to enter and a committee exists to whittle those entrants down to 40, and then another group, the race organizers, pick from that 40 to give you the final 4.

This is a huge race! Everyone in the country has an stake in it. The list of 40 is fine but when it comes to the 4, things get a little hinky.

You're told that there are 4 horses, but there's only 3. One of the horses has been submitted and picked twice. The other 2 horses are sad affairs. One appears to be blind and tends to stand on the spot, whereas the final horse is missing a couple of legs.

Betting begins and people moan about the lack of choice. In reality, it's a single horse race. The leader of the organisation has already stated which horse he "thinks" will win before the final 4 were picked and has even gotten an irrelevant celebrity to state the same opinion.

Is this a fair race?

Due to public pressure, a fifth spot is opened up and a horse, who has kind of become a symbol for choice, is added.

The people are suddenly happy that they've gotten this "5th" choice. But if the race was fixed in the first place, and out of those "4" there was only 1 real choice anyway, a 5th "choice" isn't a 5th choice at all. 5th would imply that there were 4 other choices when there was only 1. It's a second choice...

Sure, the number of choices have doubled, but the nation was promised a 4 horse race. We're still short by 2.

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