Thursday, May 28, 2015


I think the word "professional" is overused in ALL the wrong contexts. "You will act in a professional manner". Forgetting of course, that within certain contexts, a "professional manner" means to drop your pants and get fucked or get down on your knees and "be the hover".

So, I propose to you, that whenever someone says something as infuriating and stupid as "act professionally", that you all pick the profession that best suits the situation.

Someone being a complete wank? Dominatrix's get paid right? Whip 'em till they say the safe word (just don't tell them what the safe word is and change it every so often to keep them guessing).

Actually... the dominatrix example works in all sorts of places. Yell at 'em till they're feeling humiliated. Order them into nappies. Sure, it's not the only way to act professionally, but it's probably the most fun/apt.

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