Friday, January 16, 2015



I've got a problem... My hand has been cramping up. I'm on the computer all day every day and I have really big hands. It's kind of an advantage for touch typing (though I could do with an ergonomic keyboard). BUT my big problem is trying to find a damn computer mouse at a reasonable price.

It's annoying! I've been going through forums to find what other people have found ... and they're all still too damn small! Going based on length, most of the recommendations are for 12cm mice. I've got one right there... and it's still too small...

Basically, I need something that:
  • Supports my little finger - having it hang out the side sucks. So around 10cm wide.
  • Is at least 14cm long (preferably 15cm) as to avoid my palm being on the desk.
  • Must cost less than $100.
  • Be wireless (cables suck!)
  • Be right handed.
I have found something that meets the specifications except that it looks like a terrible caricature of those kinds of mice NO BODY likes to use and isn't wireless. Do a google search for "Jumbo Mouse".

Contour designs do mice based on size and handedness but are wired and horrendously expensive. (£100 or so which translates to around $200NZD).

Anyway.... before some smart arse comments with "#humblebrag" I thought I'd save you the trouble. Does anyone know where to get a scary big computer mouse from?

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