Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Accountants are in Charge and the Accounts Still Aren't Looking Great

We're coming up to an election in September and the current polling numbers are looking dismal. Dismal dismal dismal.

The problem for me is that we live in a place where people tend to vote for things to change or for things to stay the same. So National came in on us needing a change.

The problem with that? Well... we needed a change. No two ways about it. The Labour Party was imploding and no longer listening to the people and so... well... things needed to change. So the vote went to National.

But National aren't creative. They don't come up with solutions. They ignore problems and try to reduce EVERYTHING to a monetary value. They are accountants. Which, occasionally need to take the helm. But you wouldn't leave accountants in charge unless you want your business to lose value.

National debt has risen quite significantly. Sure, you'd expect some rise during the economic crisis and a bit more for the Christchurch rebuild, but that's ridiculous. I'm really not a fan of beating someone over the head with national debt, but since 2008, when National got voted in, the rise has been significant and constant.

We're facing a whole skew of problems around employment, housing, education etc. and it looks like we're looking for creative solutions.... from accountants. If the argument is reduced down to money, money and money, National aren't doing a great job but seem to be doing incredibly well in a smear campaign around Labour's ability to handle the finances.

Our attitudes need to change. We need to be looking at what's good for the country, not all trying to be right. What do I mean by this? The media has unprecedented power in influencing voters. If they say they've run a poll and the results show that National are going to win and can form a government WITHOUT coalition partners, then those numbers suddenly jump. Why? Because people want to be right. Hell, I want to be right. I don't think we can possibly afford for things to stay the same. I wish the rest of the country realised it.

Anyway.... my slogan for this election: "You can't leave the accountants running the creative department".

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