Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why I Haven't Been Posting and Being Proud

Okay.. so I haven't been posting. There's very few of you out there actually reading my posts. Yes, I'm kind of feeling sorry for myself. I have a voice. There's very few people out there that actually care anyway (the 9 people who are "followers" and Tim and David). Oh and a spambot or two (I don't think anyone has ever claimed a spambot is a person).

So I just haven't really felt all that inclined to post anything. It sucks. I like my blog. I have stuff that I think people can relate to. But if no one's listening... and a tree falls in the woods... did it make any kind of noise?

Oh... and ultimately I'm lazy. I can write half formed thoughts on Facebook rather than trying to come up with a well written blog post (though let's face it, I never really write well formed blog posts anyway... or if they are well written, no one seems to care).


So I did a post on Facebook tonight - while drunk - that I'm awfully proud of. It contains some profanity... but fuck it... it's well written (by my measure), represents my view pretty damn well.. and I want it to be read by people... loads of people. I don't care who they are.. I want it distributed. Though given that very few people read my blog, and few people like or comment on my posts on Facebook... leaves me in a bit of a position.

Really the only thing I can do is to post it on Facebook. And on my blog. And anywhere else (let's be honest - that ain't happening) I can possibly think of. It kind of works well on Facebook (or at least the intro does... I suppose that bit could be rewritten...).

So here it is:
I've been "liking" films that I've seen whenever I've seen them on the side of my screen and I can remember something about them. The Wizard of Oz appeared tonight and I can only start to describe just how much I love the movie (Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!).

A few friends and I were passing around bits of paper at a pub (Galbraith's) - doing the equivalent of theatre sports with writing (Use the forks! and far too much hate for "the Purple"). After leaving Galbraith's we went to a place called Dot's (As in Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz... just to keep some kind of link for people who are not seeing it).

It was like a scene from a movie where the music suddenly stops. Only.. the music didn't stop. Everything else did. Everyone turned and stared. We ordered drinks and I said something about it being a bit of a joke... "Four straight guys walk into a pub" when one of the guys says to me "Speak for yourself".

Dude... I was never so proud of you as when you chose to finally be honest with us. And yes... I know you aren't bisexual to make me proud nor were you honest with us to make me proud... but fuck it... I'm proud none the less. Deal with it.

Auckland Pride Festival started this week (because apparently we need a designated time to be proud). Because (and note that I do my best not to cuss on the Internet) fuck it - we should be proud of who we are and who our friends are and be proud of our ability to not be fucktards.

On that note... Pirate City Rollers... bout Saturday 15th. It's going to be OWESOME!
Oh... bout on Saturday the 15th.. I'll be there. I'd love for you all (or as many as I can get) to be there.