Monday, December 2, 2013

Will AdBlock Break The Internet?

I was going down the rabbit hole that is youtube and came across this video that claims that using AdBlock would break the Internet if too many people are using it.

The more important question though is "why do people chose to use AdBlock software?"

I feel like I'm in a damn mall (I chose not to go to malls because they're just a sensory overload of advertising) whenever I browse without blocking advertising.

I have no problem with some advertising. I have a real problem when it gets in the way of the functionality of a site. It only takes 2 or 3 sites that I visit regularly to have douchy advertising behaviour.

It's unnecessary. This is kind of the whole pirating argument. You know the argument I'm referring to right? The one that goes:
The Movie/Music industry loses $(X x 10⁹⁹) every year due to copyright infringement.
Except that the number feels completely made up and it ignores the fact that the problem is created by putting up barriers of entry. For their douchy behaviour such as using technology to limit access to content (DRM, arbitrary expirations for content, region locking etc.) people have been frustrated and taken the less legal routes. A friend (I've probably mentioned this before) paid for the same content several times while trying to get some music onto his MP3 player. Unfortunately it would only play on his computer.. So he ended up resorting to pirating (admittedly pirating content that he'd already paid for).

So people use AdBlock type software, not because they're being douchebags but rather, because there is no need to have a page with advertising covering up otherwise functional parts of the screen. It's just plain douchy behaviour. If that's how people are making money on the Internet - by being dicks (I would like to submit a new rule as a golden rule contender - "don't be a dick") - then perhaps the Internet needs to be broken.

Meanwhile, if you're not getting the revenue you think you deserve via advertising... how about trying something a little different?

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