Friday, December 6, 2013

Wall of Shame -

I don't think I've ever had a good experience with They almost always use services from the Freightways group (New Zealand Couriers, Castle Parcels, Post Haste) which I've also had trouble with (They lost a passport, have caused no end of hassles in getting items - the most extreme being a $700 printer which I ended up going around to 2 different depots on 3 different occasions to collect and had arranged redelivery several times with no luck. This is after phoning, getting confirmations, dealing with incompetent staff over and over again etc.). Freightways entered onto my wall of shame a VERY long time ago.

This time around though... I figured after a few years of not ordering something I'd give another try and besides which, they're the only ones advertising what I'm (still) after in New Zealand. Bad bad bad idea. After a month of waiting they finally email me to inform me that the item is out of stock. Oi - Dickheads! It doesn't EVER take a month to find out whether something is in stock or not! Either it's in stock... or it's not. Don't hold on to a person's money, and have them eagerly anticipating getting an item FOR A MONTH. That's ridiculous.

Actually, this is something I generally don't like about Internet sales.

At one stage I was trying to buy a printer. I knew which model I wanted so it was just a matter of hopping on the Internet and figuring out who had it at the cheapest price. Brilliant. I found one, plugged in credit card details and the money came out.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from the company. I told them to go away and email me. I wanted a paper trail. They refused. Instead, they told me that they couldn't sell me the printer for the price I had paid and instead, if I wanted to buy the printer from them, I'd have to pay an extra $50.

Anyway, I digress. Buyer beware of Fishpond...

Update 9 December, 2013

I got an email from them this morning. I had left a question asking why it taken a month, the full delivery time, in order to figure out that it was not in stock. The reply back was a generic "We work with a network of national and international suppliers and if one doesn't have it in stock, we go to the next one".

Thanks for the press release. Now... why did that take a month? At the bottom of the email is a link asking "Was xxx's response helpful? Rate it at: URL". So I clicked, clicked on "No" to which it had this message:
Thank you for your feedback. We will use this to improve our service to you, our valued customer.
Not any more I'm not. I don't feel in the least bit valued and I will endevour not to be a customer of theirs... Besides which, how long have they been running? If they don't have a stock control system that can't figure out if they or their suppliers have it in stock before the estimated delivery date, then how the hell have they managed to stay in business?

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