Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Summer Computer Blues

We've finally had a really nice day. Overly hot if you ask me. It was way too hot to get some sleep (and after my late night's productive programming that's not a good thing). Anyway there's that quiet little seldom spoken about problem in the summer...

If anything is going to fail on your computer, it's going to be during summer. There are parts which only really fail or degrade due to heat.

The power supply for example. It's worthwhile buying one that's well over spec'ed for your needs. Basically, the bigger the wattage rating, the better. A high wattage power supply can basically dissipate more heat than a lower rated one.

Alas, with time comes dust and with dust comes reduced airflow which equates to more heat and eventual failure. A blast of air to dislodge the dust is a good thing every now and again. Especially within fans...

I mention all of this because today my hard drive blew. There are a couple of things that I lost. For example, I've been playing through some games and I've now lost the save games. Ah well... It's time to get on with some work anyway.

In fact, I think this has been my least catastrophic hard drive failure of all time. I credit a lot of that to dropbox. I think the only important information I lost was a few proposals - all of which have been sent as PDF's. So at the very least I can reproduce them if necessary.

In that sort of vein, I've been kind of meaning to throw up a couple of more recent drawings from blurry/dark photos. I kind of like the idea of taking a photo at the time (with my cellphone) - no matter how dark and/or difficult for photography and using the result to throw something together. Kind of a reminder of what you were thinking at the time.

Basically I'm letting the Internet back up my data....

This drawing was based a horribly dark couple of photos. I only had candle light when taking the photo... but it was just way too tempting to take the photo... having a family underneath the word "family".

A drawing from a photo taken at a local pizzaria (called Gorgeous) while waiting around for a friend to turn up for dinner.

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