Friday, December 6, 2013

Posting Anonymously

Anonymosity and I have a troubled relationship.

I encourage it for the most part. You'll notice I don't require any sort of log in for people to comment on this blog. It irritates me to some extent though. There are bold comments made by "anonymous" - often condescending and irritating comments which I can't help but feel that they're hiding behind anonymosity. There's certainly an argument to be made against anonymosity though I think it creates a barrier to communication requiring an account to participate with conversations (even though this blog seems all but completely bereft of comments). I'd be a fan if comments required nothing more than an email address and the acknowledging for a confirmation email for a comment to be published. It seems a poor excuse to make you create an account by requiring a login to comment.

Every now and again I just want to write something... something a little personal. The development of an idea to do with the relationships around me. It's not that they're necessarily reflective of the relationships around me but rather, the relationships around me have been used as a sort of inspiration. More often than not, they're influenced by what ever media I've been consuming at the time - movies or books etc.

This has all lead to finding another interesting little pleasure. There's all sorts of really interesting content that's been generated under the guise of anonymosity. Letters to breathe offers a bunch of letters. Joe Apology is a fantastic concept though it doesn't appear to have been updated for the last 3 years. There's some really bad content too. Like the whiny poems of 16 year olds going through puberty. But then, there's no art without suffering... and reading that content is the very definition of suffering.

Within the discovery of this interesting pleasure, I also realised that the wanting to write anonymously also removes something from the value of the writing. Can a writer be any good without feeling somewhat vulnerable?


  1. Post Secret is another good anonymous content site. As a side note, there's a lit management agency in Hollywood called Anonymous Content. I just remembered that.

    1. Oh that is cute! I love the fact that it's specifically not indexed and all of the content is images (not searchable).

      There's also a TED talk:

  2. I just realised that hasn't been updated since last year. It's a pity... and quite potentially a bit of a money spinner. Think about it:

    If people are generating the content for you, then you only need a little bit of advertising for it to earn a little money. Get enough content that's searchable and I think people would flock to it.