Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oi! New Zealanders! Christmas Trees Don't Really Make Sense in New Zealand

It's that special time of the year again. Tensions at work are aired at the work Christmas function. The crime and suicide rates go up. And we in New Zealand are enjoying a grand old summer.

And soon we'll meet on beaches for a barbeque and laugh about the idea that people everywhere are talking about the "true meaning of Christmas" and relating it back to some guy born in a barn as if Christians now have exclusive rights to the solstice.

Solstice... there's the key word. We have these Christmas cards that show snowflakes and snowmen and some fat guy adorned all in red (and sometimes green depending on how old the illustration is - pre-1950's - or if someone decides they're going to depict a less commercialised Santa) ready to brave the howling winds and snow.

Except, in New Zealand, it's just a couple of days out from our longest day of the year. If you're not wearing shorts for Christmas, you're probably doing it all wrong.

I'm suddenly on a Christmas tree rant this year for a couple of reasons. Every year these pop up Christmas tree places go up. Selling sad looking trees starting from $20... Shortland St, a locally produced drama, had a couple of the characters paying $50 and then going and stealing the saddest looking dead in the ground tree they could find - to which the owner finds the cash, pockets it, and waves them on their way. Yep... that's what passes for drama in New Zealand.

So even here in New Zealand we drag an evergreen into the house to remind ourselves that the worst of winter is behind us and the days will now be getting longer... only the days are now getting shorter and really, if we wanted some green, we'd pop outside in our jandals and probably even climb a tree. $20 minimum for a piece of wood? I'm sure EVERYONE could find a better use for that money. There's no need to go cutting down a pine for the sake of cutting down a pine (unless of course you're doing it to dry some wood out for the winter).


  1. Think of all that wasted firewood!

    1. Of course after a mere week of having Christmas tree inside everyone is wishing for a Roomba...