Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mysterious Appearing and Disappearing Posts

Hi Everyone. My apologies for the weird appearing and disappearing posts. I've been trying to write when I've got the inclination. You might have noticed that last week I managed to do a post a day (for the weekdays). I'm going to try and keep up that pace but it means that I'll be scheduling posts. So sometimes I can sit down and do 2 or 3 posts. Other times I find myself sitting there staring blankly at the screen trying to come up with something.... anything.

And all I ask of you is to be patient with me as sometimes I get confused by dates (true story) - oh and perhaps...

For those not in the know, this was one of the most successful beer advertising campaigns in New Zealand. Basically they had a website where you could make your own. They'd take suggestions and put them on giant billboards. Sometimes they'd get complaints and they'd take them down but not before several thousand people had seen them and probably taken photos of it etc.


  1. Its challenging posting so often, but keep it up if you have things to say!

    You notes that most of your readers are not NZ based - I read via an RSS reader, so its entirely likely that my reads appear to be US based, although I am Kiwi. Maybe time for some analytics if you are curious on where your readers are..

    1. Toolman! Long time no see! How's life the universe and everything?

      I was kind of wondering if it might be something like that. Sometimes I use a ssh tunnel to Texas (for.... reasons). I kind of like the idea of catering to an America audience... or something.