Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Double Standards

I was talking to Renedox last night about Tangleball. How I would really love to see a similar model working in a low decile area.

The reason I want to see it in a low decile area is because I always wanted it to be that way. It's all well and good catering to the privileged middle class, but if it could become something somewhere where it could really change people's lives... that'd be so much better. The problem is that for a pilot a low decile area for a user pays kind of thing is ALWAYS going to fail. This is because there is absolutely no margin for error. And I'm not convinced that it can work entirely off a user pays system anyway.

While I'm completely of the opinion that Tangleball must keep itself commercial interest free, I have a double standard when it comes to something similar in a low decile area.

The reason for this is that if it's being used to get people out of a state dependency cycle, then it's to the good. There HAS to be rules around how that's presented. Let's make an example.

If a venue was set up much like Tangleball within a low decile area - let's call it "Brain Space" (the word "Mind" seems to be over used) - and people started to use the facilities to build a "whatsit™" which they can sell, should they advertise Brain Space when marketing the "Whatsit™?

It's a complex question. In the case of Tangleball, it's discouraged. If you do it, you don't advertise Tangleball because Tangleball can't be seen to be endorsing your product. This is a very sensible position. And if you do start making money from it, it's assumed you can then buy your own equipment and start doing it away from Tangleball (thereby not tying up resources).

However, I'm quite happy with the idea that if the facilities are there and people can see a way of getting themselves out of the state dependency cycle, then it should be used right up until the point that people are able to buy their own equipment and facilities - or - for an assessment to be made around whether it's better to have some of these people around to staff the place and pass on skills.

I don't think there can be hard and fast rules for these things. Which is the enemy of consistency which leads to all sorts of favouritism and ultimately corruption. Some more thought required. The point is, I don't think the same model for Tangleball can go the other way. Which isn't at all a bad thing. It's just that it requires some thought - but it's time for this to happen.

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