Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let's Ditch Christmas

It's solstice! Happy Solstice Everyone! Yep - today is it. The longest day of the year for us New Zealanders.

At this time of year I always kind of wonder if I'm being a bit of a grinch. I'm not opposed to celebrating and sharing a bit of good will to all men. I just really really hate the extremism of the emphasis on one religion's celebrations for solstice.

Obviously the event is important to a whole lot of different cultures. Can't we, instead of calling it Christmas, acknowledge the fact that it's solstice? Yes that includes Festivus (much as I'm not at all in any way whatsoever a fan of Seinfeld though I love the idea of a non-commercial let's take the mickey kind of a celebration. It's origin story is FANTASTIC!).

Instead of having "holy crapballs on toast, I can't believe you are actually that douchey" feelings engendered by comments from people (watch the video clip to the left. You'll get what I mean) about the solstice and claiming that people like me are trying to take away "their" holiday, I think we should all be looking for a bit of respect for all religions and cultures. Even if that includes Festivus.

The problem is that this extremism is seen as okay. It's okay to lack any sense of respect for other religions and cultures (sexuality? gender? race?) in the States apparently.

The insistence that everything else is fake is more than just a little insulting. Let's instead see the 25th of December as a day of celebration. For America this would mean the lack of nativity scene's on government/state owned land OR the inclusion of all cultures to put up their own nod to solstice.

I find myself flabbergasted by the idea that it can be normal for America to have positive discrimination in the work place (that is, having to fulfil a quota of Jews, Females, Latinos, African American's etc.) but not have a problem with the holy crapballs on toast disrespecting of other religions and cultures that the video above shows.

In other words: Happy Solstice everyone, and to everyone a happy solstice.

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