Saturday, December 28, 2013

Learning to Use Facebook

I saw my sister and she says to me "You're on facebook?". Watch my face go beet red. My mother looked shocked at the idea. A message saying "You didn't /have/ to" - given the choices it was the only choice to make really. There are reasons and knowing I was going to have to, I found myself looking for alternatives - which given the goal were completely pointless (though I did create a diaspora account on some node somewhere. Diaspora left me wanting to punch someone. It turns out it's whole node thing doesn't lend itself well to searching other nodes so if you don't know what node your friends are on you're going to have trouble finding them).

I'm not going to go into the why. Look at this as rather an interesting little experiment. While Google+ was new and my profile was just plain awesome there, Facebook is well and truly established and there's very little risk in getting caught up in my own (lack of) celebrity.

So initial impressions.
  • Facebook seems to be a place full of girlfriend's past (although I found someone who I worked with and had a bit of a crush on. Best pregnancy photo I've seen for a while).
  • The layout leaves me wanting something a little more simple. There's just way too much going on.
  • The content kind of sucks. Actually, that's generous.
  • Getting a quick summary on a person is next to impossible (think - a replacement to old friends).
So far I've done a quick post - a photograph of my especially dark chocolate mousse with blueberries braised in red wine (it adds some tartness to the bitter chocolate mouse. Add a little sugar in the red wine if you need a bit of sweetness coming through) and not a single like! Meanwhile coffee ice cream, Oreos and hot fudge sauce and anything with bacon seems to get likes...

So far facebook gets a bit of a grumble from me. Anyway - if you're reading this, seek me (Nevyn Hira) out on Facebook.

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