Monday, December 16, 2013

Kicking Myself (And Faling For Spam)

Has anyone else looked at my stats and thought... "Wow! They're really getting up there!"?

So here I'm thinking to myself - I actually really enjoy this writing stuff. I've always wanted to be a writer in which case, if people are actually reading the blog, perhaps I could start making a little money off it - become a professional writer. Of course, the modern version of this is a blog with a couple of ads. Being me I'd probably end up blogging about how people should probably be using adblocker. Let's see if we can break the Internet...

It turns out my blog has been spammed. Around 50% of my hits (when looking at the figures from the last 30 days) are from places like vampirestats, adsensewatchdog etc. While the Internet seems to point to the idea that they do this just to get blog owners to click on the link to their website, I'm wondering if they have a completely different purpose.

When confronted with the idea that I was a whole lot more popular than I am, my patterns changed. I decided to start posting more regularly. And I was contemplating advertising.

Which has me thinking. If I'm generating more content and am more amendable to attaching advertising to that content, then that's a whole lot of value being added to Google with no work on their behalf... Or is there?

It could be Google generating these hits acting as a third party (the registered domain holder of those domains is an anonymousing server) in order to get people to change the way that they blog. That aside, at the very least, it'd be helpful to remove these hits from the analytics. But then, that's not in Google's best interest....

Anyway, the stats just don't make any sense at all. It seems I've got hits from 2007.... when my first post was in 2010.

There's something to be said about my ego when I've thought that people were enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy writing it... That's a bit of a bummer...

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