Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Just a Theory Right?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently. He looked about ready to hit me. Evolution.... it's just a theory right? Remember that post about how science is unfortunately scalar? There's a burden of proof.
Guy with the computer needs some lessons in ergonomics.
From my own point of view, I see creationism as something that's just completely crazy. I mean, every religion under the sun has some form of creationism or another BUT most other people accept that things change. We find out more. We don't need the fairy tales anymore (I was watching the Colbert Report when some guy was saying "'s not like it's voodoo or anything. It's real. It's Christianity...". I'm not sure what makes Christianity anymore real or valid than voodoo but that's a whole other discussion).

Basically, look at the barriers to conclusiveness on either of those two things. Evolution requires proof. Creationism requires the backing of a religion when science wasn't around. If someone had said that we'd been born from the belly button of a god, we'd have that story rather than a man and his rib (or "side" depending on the translation). Actually, if you consider that the Abrahamic religions are relatively young religions, they really did have their pick of creation stories.

Definitions for words in science need to be looked at a little bit differently. It's a theory. What does this mean? In science it means that it hasn't failed yet. It's pretty conclusive... thus far. It could be proved wrong. The beauty of science? It allows for itself to be proven wrong. As soon as more information comes about, that information can debunk previous theories. Sure, we might find proof that says differently at some other time but thus far, against all tests it's been put against, it's fairly well conclusive.

Of course, we have to remember that evolution only deals with how we've got to where we are. It doesn't say anything about the origin of life... Did god create a soup that had unintended consequences?

Oh - that friend looking like he was about to hit me? I had spouted the "well it is just a theory right?" line at him. Creationism COULD be proved right though if it is I'll go on record in saying that I'll eat my own underwear if that ever happens in my lifetime.


  1. Information theory blows away Darwinism completely. Unfortunately the only real alternative is intelligent design which is not religious, but supernatura

    1. NDog! You're still around!!! How have you been? What have I missed?