Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Solstice

So solstice is finally over! I'm incredibly thankful for it. The pencils were handed out with care (it's an Apple thing). I cooked up a storm over two days with a hell of a lot of cleaning and some rearranging involved. I was trying to not think about something in which case, solstice was exhausting - as well as the cooking.

On the whole pencil thing:

I'm finding myself really surprised that there seems to be very little comment on how dumb the ad really is. They use around a minute telling us about a pencil and then pick up the device from behind that costs a hell of a lot more, is only smaller in 1 dimension and can run out of power. I mean, sure, a pencil probably won't last you as long but given that I was able to pick up a pack of 10 from the local $2 store... All that potential in $0.20!

Anyway, this isn't really a post.. it's just a happy solstice thing. Oh - and if you ever get your hands on a syringe (surprisingly enough it seems you don't need a prescription or anything from the chemist), try injecting a cherry tomato with balsamic vinegar. It's the nicest thing eva!

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