Friday, December 6, 2013

Enough of Middle Earth Already

To all of you from the mystical land of "overseas":-

Enough already! I for one am really sick of it. For me, the last straw was last year when I was heading down to Wellington and the entire flight they played the theme tune from The Lord of the Rings. I got to Wellington thinking to myself that if I ever heard that tune again I would kill someone... and then someone went past whistling... that very same tune (to those who know the tune: I know - I never would have thought someone would be able to whistle it either). You'd be surprised how many places there are to hide a body in an airport.

We're not hobbits. Honestly... we're not all inbreed... Despite what the brochures may say, you might meet a hairy footed short person here but it's certainly not the norm. We have so much more to offer.

For example, a scale model of Mt Fuji (as seen in "The Last Samurai").

Scale model of Mt Fuji A.K.A. Mount Taranaki A.K.A. Mount Egmont. Mount Fuji. The cherry blossoms are available at Mt. Taranaki but are an extra.

Oh - and a more than willing government. In order to get The Hobbit filmed in New Zealand, the New Zealand government set laws around whether actors were contractors or employees, gave a US$15m tax break to poor put upon Warner Bros. and even topped it off with US$10m for promotion! That's US$25m in taxpayers money to make sure we're now lumbered with hearing that damn tune...

But you know... whatever... Despite being more "under" than "down under" (under is a scalar word right?), call us middle earth. See if we care.

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