Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I.T. - The Soulless Industry

The last time I worked for an I.T. company, I was invited to a yearly meeting of all the staff. Those who could fly to Auckland for the meeting flew to Auckland. It was a big deal. And then... well... the entire meeting was about the business' cash flow. It wasn't about what people were accomplishing. It wasn't about resourcing. It was only about the business's cash flow... that was it. There was no other content except for a beer or two.  Bare in mind that I hadn't actually signed up to working with this company at this stage. It was an introduction to the company...

I've been really quite depressed by my having to find a job. You see, I.T. is soulless. If you go through I.T. job listings you see things like the following:
You will work closely with the infrastructure and applications support teams to support multiple environments, as well as assisting with analysis and design work.
The problem with that? That's about all it says. It doesn't say what you'd be doing... It's not a vision. It's a breakdown of component skills. You're supposed to go to job interviews based upon these horrendously sparse details which, let's face it, how the hell are you supposed to be enthusiastic about it? It could be supporting some horrendously immoral business that you wouldn't ever touch. It could be working for the coolest people ever. It just doesn't say ANYTHING.

Contrast that with a job listing that I got this morning in one of those automated
emailing type things:
Aucklanders love to get out and about whilst getting fit and healthy, with over 250 sports parks and 55 recreation facilities to choose from around the Auckland Region there's something for everyone. From football fields and swimming pools to cycling tracks and skateboard parks whether you are one or 100 the opportunity to participate in some type of sport and recreation activity is available to anyone across the Auckland Region.
Auckland Council's common purpose is to make Auckland the world's most livable City and deliver Aucklanders great value for money...
There's a vision that someone can be a part of! It's about 305 odd recreation/sport facilities. It doesn't talk about kicking a soccer ball, or filing papers. It doesn't say which teams you might be working with. Straight out of the gate it paints a scene. You're part of something much bigger! There's even an aim in there!

Okay - so I've got a really small sample size here. But try it for yourself. Pick out a random I.T. job listing and try and get a vision, some enthusiasm, something to grasp on to with that job listing. Some listings attempt it but they tell you things like "our product has an international reach". No comment about why their product is good or why you should care if it's got an international reach or not. What the hell are we signing up for?!?!

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