Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm Fearful

Lynda did a brilliant post today.

In it she talks about Donald Glover and these little bits of paper that he's written on with his anxieties.

Unfortunately, everyone else writing about their anxieties probably doesn't have the same impact. For example:
"I'm afraid that no one will realise what I have to offer and appreciate it and as a result I will fade away into the background never having shown people what I'm capable of."
Look see? No impact. Anyone who's read this blog can plainly see this is one of my big fears. Actually, I think anyone who writes a blog about anything personal does this to some extent. I mean, one of the bits he has on there is "I'm afraid I'll regret this". That's every single damn blog post that ends up being published and much like Lynda, there's far more posts that get started and deleted way before they see the light of day.

Which is also why I get quite irritated when people suggest that I've removed a post or have edited something. Sure, editing happens, but usually just for the sake of making it more readable rather than changing content. Actually, editing normally happens within 5 minutes or so of hitting the "Publish" button. The cat is now out of the bag but sod it - I can fix the occasional mistake after the fact.

Sure, there are some posts that I'd really like to delete. Funnily enough one of them gets more hits to this blog than any other post. But I've hit publish.... it's not going away.

We are getting to a point. Remember your teens? We were all convinced that no one had ever felt this way before. No one understands us and gets how we're feeling... Well... It turns out we're all the same. We all have the same fears, anxieties and insecurities as everyone else. We have more in common with each other than not.

I'm kind of hoping this blog post leads to a bunch of people talking about their fears but I don't hold high hopes... But really... I'd love it if it did.

Oh - Roller Derby this Saturday night (and I have no one to go with).
"I'm afraid I'll have to go to derby on my own and look like a saddo."
"I'm afraid that the lack of responses for the invites I sent out to go to derby indicates how irrelevant I've become and that the feeling of irrelevancy isn't imagined."


  1. they still have roller derby every saturday? ill come to the next one on the weekend im not working. which is the weekend after labour weekend. woohoo. just let me know where .

    1. Hi Liz. No - not every Saturday. The last/next bout for this season is on the 16th of November.