Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Desperately Seeking Inspiration

Renedox and I went and hung out today and I was telling him that I'm just lacking a bit of inspiration for posts. Bearing in mind that it's Renedox who complains the most if I haven't done a post in awhile. We talked about the fact that sometimes I will take a topic from other people's blog posts but do it from a completely different angle

So I got home and decided to message a couple of people to see if they have blogs. I haven't heard a response back yet. The "followers" of this blog, for the most part, only seem to follow this blog except perhaps Alex whose blog was one that I would check out every so often but hasn't enjoyed an update since December last year. Oh and there are various educational blogs... But then I'm not finding them terribly inspiring either.

The problem is that I'm currently in limbo. I was talking to someone last week and realised just how much I miss being passionate about something... anything.

I'm no longer within education so can't really hook into anything there. In fact, I've become quite the cynic. It feels as if we're more interested in a bunch of checkboxes (unicode 2610 → ☐) and classroom control than actual learning. We have to stamp on genuine learning in favor of keeping that control! I really don't like criticizing teachers and so I really don't want to blog on that too much.

At the moment all there seems to be is Tangleball... and I'm feeling quite angry about that at the moment. This is mainly because there's one or two people who, while they will obsess about the idea of it being a consensus run entity, know exactly how to manipulate things so that only their opinion matters. There is a blog post in that though I haven't quite come up with it yet. There's this whole "I disagree" and "I don't see the problem" or "I don't understand" kind of thing going on. There's a theme. The word "I" and it's use within the context of a consensus driven system pushes the onus on everyone around that person to prove or disprove what they agree or disagree with, what they see the problem or don't see the problem with, or what they do or don't understand. So instead of making any sort of progress, everything centers on the person who's just spouting out a whole bunch of "I" statements. My thoughts on this: consensus systems allow for a minority to hold a community to ransom. There has to be a way for a minority voice to be heard without holding a community to ransom. There's a link between this and the people who seem to be working against the community either by intentionally going against an ethos of the place or misrepresenting the community. It's all designed to stop and stall things.

And even then, if I wasn't annoyed with what's going on, Tangleball is a privileged community. It's user pays. If you can't afford the $15 per week, provisions are made BUT you have to feel comfortable with saying "I really can't afford the fees". Those who would really benefit from a place that they could use to up skill, collaborate and fix/make things themselves are those who are less likely to have the sort of disposable income to able to use such a space.

So it's not really a passion.

I was talking to someone at a birthday party and she asked me "What is your background?". I looked behind me. No real inspiration there. What I was trying to say was "I'm in computers but really... I'm really sick of a geek mentality. In fact, I'm just really hating on geeks at the moment". If you're a geek, allow me to explain. It's not an individual thing. It's just that I think we can do soooo much better. We can realise that there are people behind the computers and make things a whole lot more usable (the most secure system is one that's locked in a vault that can never be opened, is not connected to anything and isn't on. Secure ☑. Usable ☒).

Of course, within a room full of geeks, one doesn't suddenly blurt out "I'm really hating on geeks at the moment" or even "I'm just not liking those within the industry". So my explanation.... "I'm kind of sick of computers for the moment". Not at all true... I'm sincerely apologetic to those of you out there who take offense to this bit. It's not meant to be offensive... If it is offensive though, you've got to ask: How much of your day goes into stopping people from doing stuff?

There's potentially a blog post in computing trends.

The fact that Google can get away with MURDER. Take the Chromebook for example. A computer using commodity parts (essentially no different from any other computer) that is intentionally locked to a single operating system from a particular vendor OR get constant negative reinforcement for choosing something different. If Microsoft did it we'd be up in arms. But it's Google so it's okay.

Apple's widening of their market by offering lower cost items. Though that's lower cost in Apple terms - so it's only lower cost in relation to other Apple products. Does this water down the Apple brand which has existed as something exclusive and horrendously overpriced? Is it still a status symbol if you've got the cheaper one?

Microsoft and their move into a more mobile platform and the rumours around their future direction. Given that it's MS and given their tendency to miss trends though, I'd be quite willing to bet that a CloudOS is just a dream for the time being. Oh and take their "failure" with the Surface RT with a grain of salt. I don't think they'll give up on that strategy quite so quickly even if it's costing them money to keep going in that direction.

But then... well... it can all be done in 3 paragraphs. See? It's not really a blog post.

So I guess we're at the crux of this post. Can anyone recommend a blog that might inspire me to write something? Anything?

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