Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roller Derby - 31st August, 2013 - Brawl Stars vs. All Scars

Last night I went out to a roller derby game and it's official - I'm a great big giant fan boy.

The Northern Brisbane Rollers - Brawl Stars came out strong showing off a depth of experience, especially when the Pirate City Rollers - All Scars' jammer ended up in the sin bin. It was obvious early on that they knew how to maximise these opportunities.

The second half was an entirely different game as the All Scars did well to shut down the Brawl Stars with an impressive big hitting blocker line and some strong defensive tactics.

For me though, it was the focused jammers that had me enthralled. Lady Trample did well to find the gaps and keep the momentum going (and I got to have a conversation with her a little later on which was just plain cool).

Final score:
   Brawl Stars: 211
   All Scars: 80

So fan boy... I'm thinking I might use these games to have a play with a completely different style of writing....

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