Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reconfirming My Awesomeness

Lynda's got a new post that I'm just loving and one that I really needed to read.

I've been having a crisis. I've been drinking someone else's cool aid. Rather than trusting to what I know, I've been taking on board other people's comments. This kind of happened last year except that I got angry and went with the jobless option just to do what I knew to be right.

Basically last year I was given an ultimatum. I could give up the paying job in favor of working on the image or I could accept that I was nothing more than a support pleb and keep getting paid. Of course, being awesome and broke sucks but doesn't suck quite as much as taking on board those limitations that people place on you.

This year though I've been told the image isn't scalable. I had accepted this as true until I realised what I had just done and what had me so frustrated. Just because Manaiakalani chooses not to use Tartare Source in a scalable way doesn't make it incapable of scaling. In fact, it's been built to be scalable. Hell - Manaiakalani do use some features such as the bookmarks and the like. It's just that they don't recognise it (whether that's intentional or not is a whole other matter. I'm finding it really hard to be trusting now given what I know and what doesn't get said).

So there are a whole lot of questions coming up. I have a problem with Chromebooks. They're generally better than netbook hardware (those limitations from Intel were just a mistake) BUT they're designed to only run a single operating system. This presents an issue. If MS could have made it so that machines could ONLY run Windows or, if not only, then provide some negative reinforcement for doing anything but running Windows, they'd be seen as being horrendously monopolistic. The other big thing about Chromebooks... they're severely restricted machines in that they are nothing more than an Internet Kiosk. Ever been to an airport and used an Internet machine there and thought "I want one of those!"? So if some of the most vulnerable people are being "encouraged" to buy Chromebooks, what's the message that they're being given? To me it has that "good enough for you" feel as opposed to "Good enough for all of us".

So to me the image creates equality. It's fully functional. It's "holy crapballs on toast you're still in control of your own hardware" ethically aware. There's no messing about with proprietary rubbish that disregards the user. It keeps money within the New Zealand economy. It caters to the users rather than dictating how it has to be used. It's scalable and portable (desktops and netbooks). In a word, it's awesome. It's awesome because I made it awesome. I made it awesome because I'm awesome.

There we go... No need for me to feel down (except for the lack of a job bit). I'm awesome...

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