Monday, September 9, 2013

My Relationship with Art

I figured given that I said something about really digging art I thought I'd write a bit about the pieces I own - but firstly.... Once upon a time I earnt way too much money. I had stacks of cash and art is not such a bad investment. Even better, I was helping out friends. When I left high school and went into tertiary education, it turned out I had more friends in art than I did in my own department (electronics).

I'm into things that speak to me rather than looking at balance, use of space etc. So the pieces that I've recently come across (I mean within the last day) that really speak to me (though admittedly in a really pop culture sort of a way) are these:

Both are from Hayley Heaertbreak who I found from going even further down the rabbit hole. The first one... it's just a fantastic reference to pop culture (Dr. Strangelove) with what was at the time current affairs. I would love for that to be a poster on my wall. The second one illustrates how I'm feeling about my career at the moment - a great big giant leap but unfortunately a bit of a miss.... Hayley Heartbreak's facebook page is here and her tumblr page is here. I was going to include her twitter account but it seems to have very little to do with her art.

I've got this thing about art. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then art is just the things you appreciate. So it's perfectly valid to walk into a gallery and say "that's not art". You shouldn't be judged for it... or at least, judged as uncultured. Rude perhaps - also very valid - but not uncultured.

Unfortunately, the artists of the pieces I actually own don't have a fantastic online presence. It's a generational thing I suppose. So I'll have to take images of the bits I've got. The bits that I can put up now... Jane Thorne has some pieces out there. She uses bugs and skeletons in agonizing detail to tell a story. The title of the work is usually as important as the paintings themselves.

I'll post some stuff up when the light's a little better and I have access to a camera that doesn't completely suck (my phone was never brought for its camera).

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