Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labour's Major Screw Up

I'm of the opinion that National can't get back into power during the next election.... that is unless there is absolutely no alternative. Currently, the next party up - the one most likely to get into power - is screwing up.

We've got a great big giant leadership thing going on. David Cunliffe comes across as a swarmy git. Shane Jones really should be in the Maori party - everything comes down to Maori and Pacifica issues with a disregard to other kiwis. Grant Robertson looks like a return to days gone by. I'm sorry Grant Robertson, but if you become leader, Labour will lose votes overnight.

Why? The problem for me is that people have voted. They don't like Labour. So Labour HAS to reinvent itself. I don't mean reinvent as in "create xenophobic policies" but rather, start being more focused on people. It will all come down to the people. Talk to them, listen to them, acknowledge them. Labour's downfall for me was when Section 92A was happening and Judith Tizard disregarded the select committees findings. So Labour needs to be about people.

Labour can not afford to be the Labour of old. That means Grant Robertson, who looks like a younger David Lange, really shouldn't be the face of the party. It's just not smart.

Who does that leave? The party needs a great big giant shake up and in terms of public perception, a face that reflects that. Thus far Phil Goff and David Shearer have not been these people and the current candidates are a further step in the wrong direction. That leaves just one choice for me. Jacinda Ardern. She's horrendously young but presents a face that yells out "We're all about change".

And heaven knows, we need a change toward people rather than corporations...

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