Thursday, September 5, 2013

Horrified at my Blog

We had some visitors to Tangleball - one of which followed the link on the footer of my email to this blog. She was horrified. She took a friend aside and told him to have a quiet whisper in my ear as it was probably better coming from him.

Here's the thing. Before the blog I had great difficulty finding a job. There was an instance in the weekend when someone asked me what I do and I kind of looked blank and said "I'm not really sure at the moment". Someone else explained while I stood there chewing it all over. I just don't sell myself well and the only time I've ever gotten a job is when I've been able to prove myself.

One of the very few jobs I turned down, I was asked to accept the job because I was horrified by something they saw as acceptable. It was a magnetic strip card printing place where attention to detail was paramount. They gave me a list of names to type in. That was it. Except that I corrected the case. So only the first letter of the name was a capital. Turns out they wanted it all in caps. So I then threw in a formula in Excel and had it corrected but when they'd thought I had finished, I'd cut, and then pasted the altered values back over the stuff I'd typed in. Why? Because if you're looking at a lot of these files, you really want them to be consistent. No odd missing columns or anything. That means - do not hide columns. Make the sheet exactly as you'd do it if you knew exactly what they wanted from the get go.

In the end I chose not to take the job as it had a few really bad signs. They were still using floppy disks. Not all of the machines they were using had USB sockets (making floppies their best option). Everything was stand alone. This indicated a strong reluctance to spend any money and that's not a place you want to be working. But the point stands - it was the chance to prove myself - not what I said in an interview or what people knew of me that got me the offer.

Anyway, her problem with the blog is that I'm putting far too much of myself out there. If I'm ever going to be hired again, then this is a footprint that kills off any chances.

Should I have a problem with this? Should I attempt to be anonymous? Or find another outlet?

One of those things that really annoyed me growing up was being the youngest. 3rd in line for everything. It was never my music that you'd hear playing - it was my older siblings. Choice for bedrooms when getting to the new house? I got the smallest, dampest room. This lead, in some small way to my depression. Feeling constantly invisible. I had a voice - it just wasn't heard. So being anonymous isn't really an option.

Another outlet? Why? This one gives people things to relate to right? Even if I'm grumpy at times - this blog was born out of grumpiness by the way - I think this blog is for the most part positive. I can talk about the things that concern me such as what's happening in New Zealand politics. I can link to my friend's blogs about how they're going through much the same things that I'm going through. I was fascinated to see that I got my first +1 on the other day. My very first!

So if you are a potential employer reading my blog, it's probably worthwhile noting that this is probably a bit of a test for you too. If you take exception to this blog, then there's a pretty good chance that I would rather keep the blog than the job.... It's a chance....

As @peachesancream (on twitter) said:
New boyfriend is allergic to kitten so can't keep him :( He's ginger and named Tom. Friendly. Comes when called. 28yrs-old & works in IT.

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