Friday, September 13, 2013

Enslaved by Beeps and Loving the Internet

When I write about people - especially if I've never blogged about them before and they're not generally public figures i.e. I never do this for politicians, I tend to try and email people and invite them to have a read of the post and get me to remove it if they so wish. None of them ever have and until recently, none of them have ever replied.

Recently I say? Samara replied. That was really nice. I have no idea if she recognized who I am or anything - I at the very least have some idea that I left a last impression in that I pointed out the passion fruit cider on tap at the bar and later that's what I saw her drinking. Actually I'm probably being a little unfair here. There was a sentiment that hopefully we'd meet again. I suspect that I'd be more than a little reserved if someone was gushing over me that much. Though it'd be one way to get me to stop typing...

But even cooler, remember the Marmite picture by Hayley Heartbreak? She offered to send me a copy. I know - I've mentioned this earlier. It's just that it really does just have me thinking about just how brilliant the Internet is. I want the Internet to challenge traditional distribution methods and get rid of the middle men. For people to start thinking of copyright as a right rather than a tradable commodity used to get their work seen as valuable rather than obscure.

Speaking of that. After the initial email from her, I'd replied back and then nothing... not a beep. Absolutely nothing. So after a few days I sent her another email making sure I hadn't scared her off with my gushy and long email.

I should explain the beep bit. I have this love hate relationship with beeps. Beeps tell me that people have been thinking about me. It's a SMS message or an email. A lot of the time it's that old anxiety that was waiting around at home for days on end for the phone to ring. I'm waiting for that one special email or SMS message. It's nice having someone thinking about me. It's so much better when it's that one you've been waiting for. The one piece of communication that can make or break your day.

But the hate bit. Beeps are my invisible master. I hear a beep and I'm up looking for something to do.... unload the dishwasher. Unload the washing machine. My phone's flat. Someone's been thinking of me and needs to be replied to NOW. Whatever was in the microwave is now finished. And there are people who just abuse the power of beeps and send you 20 odd SMS messages within the space of 10 minutes - and it's just not the SMS you've been waiting for... So quite often you'll find me yelling at the fornicating emitter of the beep. It's somewhat worse when you don't know what's emitting the beep. There's a beep... and then 3 minutes later, the exact time that I generally stop looking, there's another damn beep!

The beeps are my invisible masters. Never mind the giant iPod's forcing us to build them pyramids.... or whatever. It's the beeps. The beeps have taken over my life. I live for the beeps....

What does this have to do with Hayley Heartbreak? She's a really nice person and was apologising for not having responded earlier. I was a little troubled by the email and so didn't reply right away. When I did I apologised. I often forget that not everyone is as enslaved to the beeps as I am.

Hayley Heartbreak apologising for not being enslaved just feels... odd.

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