Sunday, September 8, 2013

Accidental Stalking

I've had this really odd experience of late. We all know by now that I've become a bit of derby fan. It turns out there are fan groups on facebook (thanks for the link Baillie).

I got to talk to one of my heroes after the game I went to last
weekend. Lady Trample. I looked her up for a blog post and found out that her name is Samara. I found myself a touch disappointed. She's a character, and now, instead of the "holy crapballs on toast, she's brilliant on a pair of skates, and is just plain cool" derby goddess that is Lady Trample, she's now a real person with a real name. Reality's over rated.

I was noting my disappointment to someone and followed the rabbit a little further down the rabbit hole. It turns out she's an artist who studied/studies? at Whitecliffe.

Most of the people around me know that I'm into art so I found myself curious. I wonder what her stuff is like?

Still being a little disappointed that I know too much about the person behind the character, I haven't looked up her work until tonight. I was surprised to find that I know the work... it's been plastered all over the place by Chorus with the taglines "What will you be with Ultra Fast Broadband?" or "What will you be without Ultra Fast Broadband?". The silly bit is that her name is on the posters and so on some level I probably knew. Anyway - if you want to have a look at some of her other work (I'm kind of tempted by the Dinermite Doll t-shirts but then I'm broke an' stuff - it'd make a pretty cool birthday pressie though.), her facebook page has all sorts going on as well as her tumblr page having loads of easier to go through content.

Which is back within my wheelhouse - don't get me started on how slow the uptake of UFB is going to be. I hate being at conferences and the like where you have a bunch of geekboys tell you that it needs to be faster when there really isn't the content available legally for a New Zealand audience for most New Zealanders to see a justification in the cost. On the other hand, if it leads to New Zealanders being able to produce more content (but for crying out loud - please no more cats), then it's well worth it.

I don't really get what Samara's artwork has to do with UFB... but there you go. It's funny how these things all seem to go full circle.

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