Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pride in Your Work

One of those really annoying things as a volunteer is being told something is good enough. A friend and I have been working on something and have been told that it's absolutely awesome.... except that it's not. We both take pride in our work and we know what could be improved.

Truth be told, I struggle with this a lot. I really want to be able to do things to the best of my ability. No compromises. Just good solid work that I can be proud of. It left me with somewhat of a dilemma when I was told that for the new image I was not allowed to add any new features to it.

To my way of thinking, if you're not improving on things, then what's the point? We've seen what works and what doesn't. So we can make improvements. And it'll be much better work because you've then got some enthusiasm for it all. Things work better. You're not stalled.

The funny bit is that I've lost my enthusiasm for Tartare Source. Mainly because it feels like a dead end. Not in terms of functionality but in terms of a living. While I want it to be what it could be, I think parts of it's beauty are lost on people.

For example, I was in a meeting and they were talking about the cost of ChromeOS administration over Linux administration. Soon after this discussion they were having a discussion about the hassles of having to manage licenses after having reimaged a ChromeBook. I did a bit of a double take and it seemed no one seemed to see the connection - that while ChromeBooks have a certain ease of use, they also have management problems in terms of maintaining those licenses. The licensing is ridiculous and if they could drop that, they'd be great.

So Tartare Source allows people to image a machine in a very quick time with no fluffing about with licenses and the like. And I reckon this part can be made loads better. Instead of a stick, have a rescue partition. Instead of asking questions around school and name etc. save that on the rescue partition and have it auto-populate those questions etc. Make it so that you don't need a stick and the owner of the machine can chose to do a reimage themselves. Now that's pretty...

The thing is, while I wasn't given the opportunity to implement these features, others have heard of it and become excited. I'm incredibly frustrated because I know it could be brilliant. I've known this for awhile and the shine has worn off. If I can't make a living by being awesome.... Do I have to be a mediocre, doing it for the money, sort of a person to make a living? I think, to some degree, I've accepted this as true. I'm starting to understand the frustration of some of the people around me - that they're seeing what I was seeing and wanting to do a year ago but for them it's all exciting and new. Of course... that still doesn't solve my frustration... and only goes some way to making me a little more enthusiastic about it. There's still the bit about needing to eat...

In other words, should we/do we accept the opinion of others over our own sense of quality and a good job? Or should we strive to be all that we can be? And if you are striving to be all that you can be, how the hell do you make a living from it?

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