Monday, August 12, 2013

A Long Long Week

It's been a really long week. Frightfully long.

While I'm unemployed, I'm finding it really hard to find the time to do all of the things I need to do. Matt (Wellington) is still waiting for a copy of the image for me (I'm refusing to send it down without customizations for their situation). My first batch of beer for this season is waiting to be bottled. The source code for Tartare Source is still sitting in my dropbox folder without having been put up into a more collaboration friendly platform (github or something...).

So what have I been up to?

Mr. CK and I have been working on something we've finally found a name for - PiCkLe - The Portable Computer Lab. This is all part of the Drop in Geek Cafe. We had a problem. We don't have a computer lab to use (because let's face it - computer labs are horrible places and we want to work in a cafe setting, not a computer lab setting) and so the computers have to be brought into the space and put away again. We could go with laptops but then laptops have problems around teaching people on them.

For example, if you're demonstrating something, the whole screen, keyboard and mouse gets moved so that the person giving the demonstration can see what they're doing. Less than optimal... So... I suggested small form factor (physically small) machines but then, the cases for small machines seems to get more expensive the smaller you get. Someone asked why we weren't using Raspberry Pi's for this - I hope the answer is obvious. While they're brilliant geek toys, the desktop experience is very far from being able to be in anyway productive on (given it's modest specs. this is exactly what you'd expect). So... the idea was to build a trolley. The would house a whole lot of computers meaning we wouldn't need individual computers. But of course, because it's a trolley, we no longer need small form factor machines...

At some point we're hoping to publish the design for this trolley. It fits 6 computers and houses the monitors, keyboards and mice when in storage. Unfortunately this has been taking us quite a while to come up with the design, build it, pick it apart, find problems, back to designing to solve the problem etc. We've thus far missed 2 deadlines on it.

I've been getting a whole lot more involved with Tangleball lately. I've been quite grumpy about it actually. It's spring as far as I'm concerned in which case, the place needs a great big giant clean. Couches have been moved to vacuum under them, floors have started to be scrubbed, things dusted, demands made for cleaning materials etc. Thus, the whole "Who cleans the toilets" post. So there's been some major cleaning going on.

And then I've been facilitating a collaborative art project. Basically making sure the doors are open for the person doing it. It's been a lot of fun. Basically, he decided he wanted his car painted - but collaboratively rather than the plain old boring flat colour. It should say something that's important to people and just be plain cool.

In terms of projects, this is probably one of the most accessible I've come across. We've got one more day of it today/tomorrow (12th August, 2013) so if you want to have a bit of fun, come on down to Tangleball.

Of course, my first contribution was bringing out the "Who's Your Daddy" design. There are a bunch of photos here. The wig (check the photos...) was my going for humour given that we were starting to get a little ratty with each other... like I said.. it's been a really long exhausting week.

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