Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding Toast

A few years ago I was the best man at a wedding. Actually, I was best man at two but I used the same speech essentially. I thought the opening was a brilliant introduction for something I've been wanting to do.
It's not everyday you're told you're the best man. The very best here. Is there a man shortage? In which case, I'm going to talk about myself. Except that the best way to get to know a person is by the friends they keep so I'm going to talk about the groom, being one of my best friends...
Okay, so it doesn't quite fit the situation. I thought I'd do a post full of links of the blogs that have me interested at the moment.

I've mentioned Renedox in a couple of posts. I use his blog for jokes and the like. Getting them via email does my head in as it's hard to separate them out so that I'm only informed of waste of time/non-critical material on my computer. Such is the modern condition of cellphones that beep at you incessantly. I'm probably no where near as big a Game of Thrones fan (it's hard getting invested in characters when they may be killed off at any moment) but still.... the blog is good.

I met a girl at NetHui who I've been talking to over email. She's read the blog and has had me describing myself slipping in the shower (Don't try to imagine it. I'm still having nightmares about finding myself wet and naked on the floor thankful that my head missed the toilet and my shoulder took all of the impact. Oh.. and I found the bruises. Nowhere that will cause any serious discomfort) and she's still talking to me! Anyway, she sent me this link today - a blog for a family member of hers. I really dig the idea and will probably spend an evening just reading all of the posts.

I've been following (in a non-creepy Internet sort of a way) Lynda for a while. She's got two blogs I just think are brilliant. This one, her main one, while originally exploring beauty products, the ethics behind them etc. has since expanded to talk about other issues (probably not dissimilar from this blog. I was hoping she'd do a guest posting or three here but it's never happened). Her other one requires some context as on it's own, it's very very creepy. The actual blog is here - just remember, it does require context. The theme song is very cool too.

Baillie, who used to write here, has this brilliant tumblr account too which I just love. It's a topic after my own heart. Bad News Puns. Unfortunately, it seems that stuff.co.nz have gotten a lot better at not using bad news puns and so material is far and few between.

She's gotten into roller derby in a big way. I've been seeing posters up all over the place and an International game advertised in Wellington. If someone wants a project, I think there'd be an opportunity for updates of events, links to be updated and the like over here. The site itself is essentially useless - it has pages for a bunch of leagues but doesn't have meaningful links for the ones I was looking at and has Google Ads - which are only useful if you've got high traffic (which, being a useless site excludes that).

And finally, if you want to potentially die of too much stupid, check out this link. Basically, people, don't take photos of your credit card. If you do take photos of your credit card, don't put them online. If you do put them online, make sure it's only viewable to a very select number of amazingly trustworthy people. If the pictures are broadcast to the world, cancel your credit card and get a new one and don't take pictures of it.

So... what do all of these blogs say about me? I don't know.. I'll let you, the reader decide.


  1. Thanks for the plug, making me more Internet famous. Yay!

    I didn't know she did Bad News Puns, been following that for a while, it's awesome.

    1. No worries dude!

      Oh - I probably should've mentioned that Renedox is also famous now!


      He's famous for the picture of the chocolate bar (not his driving skills). He also said the chocolate bar is delicious though the jury's still out. Still... I'm hard to please. I only really like dark chocolate when it comes to chocolate.