Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spammed to Death

I just got an email from someone asking me to remove a page from a wiki that I've got.

The wiki has existed for about a year now and I choose not to put any real security on it. You could set up an account and be up and running in next to no time! It was inclusive and hey, I didn't notice anything astray until I realised that I was running out of space on my server. Uh-oh.

So about a month ago I realised that the wiki had been spammed to all death. The relevant pages have all been kept intact - but there are pages up the wazu! Basically, a whole lot of work to be done to clean it up.

Wiki's are designed to keep version control. And they're not made to have a whole bunch of data deleted all at once. Sure there are extensions to do it. But of course, this does take some time. Figuring out which extension is most likely to work. Installing it. Figuring out how to use it etc. I figure it might be faster to take the relevant pages (I think there's 20 or so?), remove the wiki entirely, and reinstall. That way, there won't be any residual crap in the database from the several thousand pages I never wanted in the first place.

Meanwhile, back to the email... Here's someone asking that I remove a link... which was put there by a spam bot or something... which would only happen if they were being complete penis heads and motivating spammers to do so. No apology for spamming my wiki. Just a request to remove their link.

The email was from a company that does search engine optimization... It turns out spamming lowers your ranking in Google. Whoops. I'm almost tempted to keep that one page there as a kind of "fornicate you".

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