Monday, July 22, 2013

Roller Derby

I've been kind of circling the Roller Derby scene for a little while. I watched a wildly fun movie called "Whip It". Baillie is into it in a BIG way. In fact, I planned my trip away around the idea that she needed a babysitter so that she could get some training in with an Australian team.

The other night I had gone to a pub and met some of the Pirate City Rollers (The All Scars) during their post game party. That was cool.

Anyway, it's my birthday at the end of next month and so... given that I've never been to a game, and coincidentally, the Pirate City Rollers have a game... I figured I'd celebrate my birthday by going to a game followed up by the pub.

Naturally you're all invited (though given most of my readers seem to be from America - in which case you're even more invited! I might even wear a naff hat indicating it's my birthday. I'll only do it if people promise not to do the horribly embarrassing "Happy Birthday" bit). To get details on the game (I've written them an email asking for more detail but haven't yet had a response), go to this link.

Don't know what Roller Derby is? Neither do I really.... well okay. That's not at really true. I've got some idea. All you really need to know before going is that it's a bunch of really cool girls on roller skates with attitude!

They race around a track - one of the skaters is called the "Jammer" which is the scoring player. Teams assist their own jammer while trying to hinder the opposing team's jammer. Points are scored by passing members of the opposing team (even if they're in the penalty box).

Should be a lot of fun...


  1. Happy born day to come Nevyn. :)

    1. Thanks Miss.

      Are you able to come to the Derby?

    2. Yes im able to come to the Derby. Invited my mother and sisters as well. Depends on how my mother is as thats week 5 of her chemotherapy treatment. None of us have been to a roller derby before. heh. We're quite looking forward to it.