Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NetHui - Parliamentary Internet Panel

Holy crapballs on toast batman! The parliamentary Internet panel is a result of past NetHui events where the question was once asked "Why don't you all work together?"

So we've got Clare Curren - who I often find myself criticizing (though I only ever criticize if I care). Gareth Hughes (that guy is a dude!). Tracey Hughes from NZ First just doesn't seem to be getting it (and is currently up there sitting with her arms folded - terrible body language. Basic politics...) and Simon O'Connor, who's a little .... well... lacking though he does at the very least look attentive.

Clare got up and started speaking and I start wondering if she's read my blog post. We're not celebrating Labour here. We're looking at the forum as a whole, not the interests of a particular party. We're here to engage and we want you to help us.

It's not outside the realm of possibility - we have communicated via email. Usually an uneasy relationship but kind of fun. I haven't seen a blog post from her in a while (I rely on an email to prompt me to go and have a look).

So.... if you are reading this Clare.... Hi.

Unfortunately, while I'm writing this post, I'm missing a lot of the content. The consensus seems to be "if you want help, contact us - anyway you can...."

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