Sunday, July 7, 2013


For the last few months I've been suffering some pretty serious allergies. Being around someone with the wrong conditioner has set my nose to instant clog and it leaks like a really leaky thing (there's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza).

I had to go to the doctors the other day. There was something lost in translation so I didn't see the one who threatened me with cholesterol control medication.

It turns out that while I've been trying to treat hay fever, my symptoms are actually kind of related to my asthma. I don't really think of myself as asthmatic as I've only really had to carry around my blue Ventolin inhaler when leaving Auckland or feeling sick.

It turns out, even though I've felt fine for years (mostly), a lot of the problems I've been having are related to a.... syndrome? condition? I thought I had kicked. Fixotide (the stuff that you stick up your nose and inhale and smells of marigold) is much like those brown inhalers I haven't used in years. It's a control (I prefer to think of it as controlling the problem rather than preventing the problem - the difference being that it still needs controlling even if you don't seem to be getting the symptoms all that much). It doesn't have immediate effects. It's apparently going to take a couple of weeks for my allergies to die down.

So now, approaching my mid-thirties, I'm on a regular regime involving inhaling on a rather phallic looking plastic contraption and sticking something up my nose and squeezing.

Getting old bites.

I mention this now as I'm in Wellington for NetHui. I'm in the hotel room and everything's (Well okay, not everything. They've got little cardboard tags around the place about why some of the experience kind of bites because they're all environmental an' stuff. i.e. no central light bulb for the room - the bedside lamps will just have to do) pretty good except for one thing...

They've used fabric softener on the bedding.

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