Friday, July 19, 2013

Advice for....

In the Wedding Toast post I did the other day I pointed out the blog Advice for Caitlin. I'm finding it to be an intriguing form factor (in the context of writing, a form factor is probably best described by "style"). I did write up a post and was waiting for permission from the author of Advice for Caitlin before posting it.

The post itself feels... well... if you ever find me using the term "waste of life" it's me struggling with something. So I've decided the post itself is a bad idea. It was an attempt to humorize the skinhead situation by looking at the loosening of gun control for practicing darwinists. I know.. absurd right? 2 wrongs an' stuff...

But the form factor.. it's brilliant. I've got a few posts I've got in mind using that style. But a name.. I need a name to be addressing. I was wondering if you could just mix it up a bit. Perhaps make it a little odd... Here goes:

Derrick, respect yourself. Although you have curves in all the right places and it's what initially get's people's attention, I think you'll find people genuinely want to know you better - not your curves. They've already seen them. In fact, I would take it as far as to say, people find you to be rather an interesting person and find the insistence that people notice your curves to be somewhat of a hindrance. Respect yourself and people will respect you all the more for it.


Judy, It's okay to not be contactable all of the time. In fact, it's better not to be contactable all of the time. There was a simpler time when people didn't expect you to be on call every second of the day. The bitter disappointment at not reaching you via the telephone was a part of life. People coped. In fact, they missed you all the more for it and, as we all know, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You'll probably find that some of the best relationships you have will grow all the stronger for it. Turn off that cellphone once in awhile or put it on silent. Let the battery run flat. Take the time to enjoy the people around you rather than relying on those that are not.

Okay... so it needs work. In fact, I don't think I've captured the style at all. Still... it's a start.

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