Saturday, June 8, 2013

Things I am Sick Of...

Given my mood of late (I've been a bear with a sore head), I thought it might be an interesting little experiment (assuming that people actually respond) to see if we could compile a list of things that people are sick of and perhaps put it all to the tune of "My Favourite Things".

I'll start:

  • "Educators" who are so enamoured by the "future of learning" but completely miss the "learning" part and go on to devices in all their glittery shininess and oh there's other devices to come... and turn a blind eye just to be the hippest in the playground... Empowerment is a huge part of learning and this doesn't change with shiny devices dang nang it!
  • Managers who try to manage their way out of problems but refuse to look at the actual problem. Back when I was working for EDS, I had to walk a floor of a huge office looking like we were doing something. When I asked if I could sit down and take a look, I was refused by my manager. 6 months later I was then asked to go in and fix that very same problem (it took me half a day and a few phone calls to a guy in Hamilton). This seems to be a favourite trick of managers. Have a look around. I'm sure you'll find an example or two.

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