Saturday, June 8, 2013

Google+ Keeps Trying to Drag Me Back In

For the 2nd time in as many months I've found myself having to delete my Google+ account. Various services are all being tied together including Youtube it seems. Gmail had something about hangouts in the chat feature (promptly disabled)... And Google are only too happy to try and trick me into having a G+ account...

The big shift can't come soon enough.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you. Sadly I succumbed for a while[and I probably shouldn't feel this contaminated... but I do]. Having removed myself from Google+ a while ago in protest at their "real Name" policy, I found myself wanting to give a brilliant app on google Play Store the thumbs up.
    However the only way I could do that, was to use my Google Plus "Identity" to log in [to make sure you are who you say you are]. So anyway, I bit the bullet, and updated my G+ [told them my real name] and posted my feedback. Then I thought, 'seeing as I am here I may as well connect with a few people', So organised my people into several little circles, and felt happy I was being social again. Looking forward to interacting with interesting people with interesting minds and ideas. However, I soon realised I was far too busy being social in the real world, to actually have much time to spend on G+.
    Then I started noticing more and more instances of "log in with your G+ log in." to do X Y Z... and so it started me thinking.

    Add this to the New Wave of education... [everything Googly must be great] that is gaining mometum and I really started to question my decision.
    Then surprise surprise, someone in Hong Kong lets the cat out of the bag, several large "social networking companies" have been handing over user data etc. to a certain No. Such. Agency. in a country that shall remain nameless.
    Of course, they protest that they only did it under legal direction [compulsion], and that they complained a lot [well done them], but Hmmm I thought to my self. Time to go.

    I orginally removed myself because I felt people shouldn't be compelled to identify themselves online, imagine the outcome if protesters in Syria were using their real names online. I'd give them approx 48 hours before they were hanging upside down being.... I think we all know what would happen. Same goes for women in all countries who have been in abusive/dangerous relationships.
    However Google does not see this as an issue, they seem to think that they can't cater for minorities that may have different needs. [Shades of Hot Fuzz "for the greater good"]Great!![heavy sarcasm]
    However I believe that persecuted minorities and the small and less able people of our world deserve to be safe. I don't believe, "peoples' right to know who is posting online" trumps others right to be private and safe. Also I notice everyone is becoming more concerned we should educate students about their digital footprint, as it may come back to haunt them in the future, think Digital Tattoo. Perhaps this is a good starting point.

    Mr CK