Saturday, May 25, 2013

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning I woke up in a real grump. There's a couple of reasons for this. Today was supposed to be the first day of my holiday. 2 weeks of playing tourist (though those plans fell through).

Instead, next week, and probably some of the week after, I'm working to fix someone else's mistake (for which they're still not making an admission of fault). Just plain disgusting. Fornicating grow a pair, admit to the mistake, put the resources in to fix it. It's not that hard.

Instead their resources have gone into downplaying the mistake. Get on with fornicating fixing it. Hell, let people know there's a problem so that it can be sorted. Instead, it's delayed my schedule (there'll be some discussion about invoices this week - why am I taking the hit?!?).

Government and business seem to play the naughty child quite often though. That broken glass didn't just break itself... And even if there is a broken glass, you'd kind of like to know so that you can clean it up and perhaps even replace it or do something to avoid having more glasses break.

The National Government's heavy handling of housing issues for example, though there's never been an admission of fault, the ministers associated with housing have been changed in the government reshuffle.

Craig Foss didn't apologise for wasting everyone's time when he decided to go against the select committees recommendation on a blanket ban on software patents in New Zealand and instead added ambiguous wording around it - he's since had to back down (without ever admitting any sort of fault for changing the bill in the first place - I'd be happier if the "as such" clause was removed entirely as it's fringe case use is just that).

The Labour party never admitted they were in the wrong on S92A (though it's since gotten through in one of those "it won't be used for ill intent" kind of guises under National). The funny bit here is that to appear to be reinventing themselves, they have to show that they regret past decisions. Instead, Labour are still languishing under the deadwood that is David Shearer (he isn't approachable and he has a really bad tendency to talk at people rather than to them and is REALLY good at not saying anything at all in an awful lot of words).

This list could go on forever. The Bhopal disaster belongs here - sure, there was an admission of some fault but the getting on with fixing it never really happened.

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  1. I just saw the best tweet/quote for this post:

    "My mood today could kill a unicorn."

    Let that be a warning to all unicorns.