Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Last Few Bits

For the last few months I've been working on an all new and shiny "image" for Manaiakalani - deployment starts on Tuesday! Exciting times. The pressure for this one has been quite high. The expectation set by the last image and it's lack of problems has had me quite stressed.

Everything has to be perfect! To the point that I rejected adblock because upon installation it then shows a screen asking for donations - and I won't have it! (I opted to use Adblocker Plus instead).

Ubuntu this has this thing that's been reported as a bug and then rejected as a bug... and doesn't seem to work on a Mac at all (weird). Pressing down the "super" (windows) key should bring up a list of shortcuts. However, this doesn't work on resolutions lower than 1024x768 - meaning that just about every netbook under the sun is out of luck. I won't have it dang nang it! So I got to writing a program which would swap between a help screen and the wallpaper. As software seems to do, this one's scope crept towards a "first start" type of screen, which changed a little for the guest login to explain what the guest login is.

Anyway, all of these thoughts are going through my head. When this is finished, I'll be able to sit down and read a book! I've just got to find my Kindle. Or play a computer game all the way through! And then reality hits.

There's roll out to go yet (and chances are a few bugs that'll have me kicking myself).

I've got a meeting about another project next week which could be quite involved. And there's the whole "I've got to be working" thing going on - so proposals for jobs and the like (though I'm hoping I can partner up with people and get them doing that sort of work and have me in as a consultant for quite particular bits and pieces - i.e. I don't do Windows).

The side projects folder in my Development folder is looking a little more crowded:-

  • A TED video downloader with a difference - I want it to be able to generate a bunch of pages with a web player so that even if you are using an Internet only device, you'll still be able to access that content.
  • The chrome preferences manager - something that'll allow you to generate a master preferences file for Google chrome as well as manage a bunch of computers by using a client on the users computer to download a preferences file and merge it into their own settings etc.).
As well as a few projects that I want to contribute to. metaTED could do with some TLC (though there's a bunch of stuff in there that I'd have to learn) and it's related to one of my side projects anyway...

But before I get onto any of that there's a leap of faith to make. Open sourcing Gherkin in a more formal way - there's a difference between having the source code available and having the infrastructure to allow anyone to contribute (and diety know's, I could do with all the contributions I can get). Just a note here:- I've considered doing a post on this - the leap of faith. The letting it all hang out there - bad programming, good ideas etc. and how this creates a barrier to Open Source. How we lose out on a whole lot of really great content due to self esteem issues and the like. I think that most of us Open Source people understand that it is a bit of a leap of faith though so are a little more likely to be supportive (and less critical).

And there's a wiki to put up. I want to collect a bunch of information around how to do system wide configuration of a Linux system for deployments. What pitfalls to look out for, places where you'll probably find yourself going for the less open source routes (Firefox, for example, is a real pain to customize to the point that I gave up on it. I really hate the number of default bookmarks which got me into the habit of just not bothering with bookmarks at all - I now have just one bookmark. And the whole Flash thing is just plain painful. Which reminds me - that's another thing to test before I give this image the okay). I think this will probably be even more valuable than any of the programs I've written.

I see a very tired Nevyn in my future...

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