Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seeking Out Information - Bacteria

This post is going to be a little unusual. Instead of doing a whole lot of research for a blog post, I'm hoping that people can give me a few hints. I was watching a TED talk by Angela Belcher about her efforts in growing batteries - using a virus.
Very exciting stuff - the battery can be grown at near room temperature and initial tests show that it's surprisingly efficient (though I think they've only been able to get it to charge 100 times).

Since 1997 (When I first left high school and was hearing about all sorts of interesting developments) or so I've been hearing the same things over and over again. Organic hard drives for example. People are working on incredibly high density computer storage.

There seem to be a couple of these sorts of things going on. Emulating bacteria... DNA code sequencing...

Chances are there's all sorts of this "death to sci-fi" stuff going on. A friend of mine says that reading sci-fi isn't all that fun anymore as all of the really cool bits in sci-fi have already been done or are being worked on.

In which case, rather than trying to trawl the Internet for myself, I'm wondering if I can convince people to leave links to articles and the like in the comments. Ha! Crowd sourcing on a really small blog based scale.

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