Monday, May 20, 2013

Posts Best Forgotten

I'm obsessed with my stats. The trends of them. What people are viewing on this blog. What posts are important to people. The inaccuracies (My stats overview show around 6,000 hits before I even started blogging. Either I'm that popular that people have gone back in time to view a non-existant blog - quite a feat given that a. is time travel even possible? and b. I had no idea I was going to start a blog until I found myself wanting to ring people just to rant and rave about the non-news being shown on the news.) etc. Or there's some inaccurate information in there.

I'm always kind of surprised by the posts that people go for.

For example, I had thought that my post on demotivational posters was a complete throwaway. I was irritated by what was being passed as a demotivational poster - it's not just a joke. It really is a reaction to something. It's the most visited post.

And then there's the whole virus debacle which ended with me being an unemployed bum who doesn't know anything (I think he meant uneducated?). I still maintain that the devil that you don't know is perhaps a little better than the devil you do know to be absolutely shocking. A different paradigm likely yields different results from what we've all been taught to be normal. It's definitely worth testing.

Me being agnostic (I describe it as being a devout agnostic nowadays. I find myself wondering about the effects that a system on unquestioning belief/faith has on critical thinking.) seems to be of interest to quite a few people whereas, by it's very nature, religion doesn't really factor all that much in my life.

The meltdown that lead me to abdicating my role as AuckLUG event coordinator for example.

Meanwhile, the posts I'm REALLY proud of, such as the one that looks at how I.T. can be little more than an expense without anything in the way of value, barely get viewed at all. There's also the one on talking to family which feels like great writing (although I'm sure it's probably mediocre at best - it has this raw honesty to it for me and self actualization - oh and shame. What's an apology without shame?).

It's kind of interesting looking at these trends. The throwaways, debacles and the bits that don't really factor into my life all that much get a much bigger audience than the posts that I consider important. Is this a result of a "When things go bad" (a.k.a. trash, reality tv) culture? Or are we seeing the effects of my own perspective being different than the majourity of my readers?

Anyway - so I've only ever deleted one post. I won't do it. I refuse to. But it means that there are all these lingering posts that I'm really not proud of. That are best forgotten. Of course, pointing them out probably isn't the best of moves... still... people are finding them. So if I guess, if you've found them and are reading them, take them with a grain of salt. I've been evolving along with the blog. An old friend and I had coffee the other day and she was noting how I seemed more confident. The depression is mostly under control (though there's been a bit to sulk about of late). The frustration is probably hammed up a bit for the purposes of writing - it's poetic license.

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