Saturday, May 18, 2013


While Google Reader is disappearing (disappeared?), there's been a bit of a talk about the number of subscribers to each service - it turns out that blogger has a CRAPLOAD compared to Google Reader's 5,000,000 or so.

But other word has emerged. It turns out that the distance between blogger and Google+ is diminishing. In the not too distant future, Google+ and Blogger/Blogspot will be the same thing apparently. Given my objection to Google+, this doesn't bode terribly well.

So it's time to change platform... but will my readers follow me? Will it be a good thing? I've decided it's probably better to register (another) domain. One for my blog (and probably for all of those online apps I want to develop). The change manager in me is thinking about a transition - so register a domain that points to this blog and then switch over to wordpress (I really should have been using wordpress from the get go given that it's a FLOSS solution) after a couple of weeks.

Of course, this can all wait for a little bit while I get the latest Manaiakalani image sorted. I've been struggling on how to write a post on this. Basically, even knowing I was about to get a whole lot of issues that may or may not be related to the image, I kind of got sucked in to the mad panic and have had to make a decision on whether to reimage the cluster (again). From what I know so far though, it seems this is not going to be at all necessary.

Instead, I have to remove a few bugs from the image (things that small scale testing just wouldn't pick up) and issue new sticks to teachers (which should also give me a chance to get the update mechanism on the sticks done). Push any fixes out to the kids via updates and hopefully, with any luck, call this part of the project to an end.

I've actually felt like I've been drowning this week. Between getting the image out there, being a "nice guy" and doing favours around information tools (once offs that are happening again...) and getting started on a new project, I've found myself dropping a ball or 3 while I'm awash with information. My brain hurts...

So the transition away from blogspot/blogger will just have to wait..


  1. moving away from blogger to wordpress? i've done it before and i'd do it again... it's not as hard as you think especially with help like this.....


    1. Ha! That's trippy. The English ain't better but the advice in it is top notch. So no need to do the whole transition thing. I could just go straight for it.

      So the next decision - do I host it myself or find a hosting service? If I host it myself, I have control over how it's set up which is kind of cool except that .. well... is it worth the battle (trying to figure it out)?

  2. Let us know when you change over, will update my bookmarks accordingly