Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Other New Zealand

For a bit of a break I went and had a look at a friend's blog - someone who I see probably a couple of times a year around conference season. Anyway, she had a little link going off to a blog post which reminded me of a conversation a few weeks ago.

Renedox, my brother in law and I were sitting in the backyard enjoying my homebrew on what was surely to be one of the last chances to do so this side of winter. My brother in law said something about "dole bludgers" which of course, was Nevyn bait. A chance to talk about how it's never quite that simple. The mighty middle class who just don't realise how hard it really is at the bottom. Anyway, the post linked to says it far better than I've ever been able to say it. I think I've found another blog to visit occasionally.

Basically, if we've always had the expectation of a fridge, a full pantry, a decent income etc. then it's really hard for us to conceive of people who have to deal with much lower expectations. These are all things that we all take for granted and yet there's this whole other world out there.

So while we think we get it when we look at various fundraising efforts like the 40 hour famine (sugary sweets and sugar laden fruit juices do absolutely nothing to communicate the problem) and Living Below the Line, what we seem to forget is that this actually happens in our own backyard - it's not just in some far off difficult to conceptualise within our own context place like Africa. Within our very own city, yet alone country, there are children going to school starving - and the response seems to be to give those kids shoes (and denounce their parents for making the wrong decisions).

Anyway... Go have a read. It's a brilliant post.

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