Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Auckland Unitary Plan

So it turns out Auckland has a plan - a unitary plan. Nope - this isn't something that can be cured with cranberry juice - I've already tried. I got an email first thing this morning telling me I should make a submission. After (finally) reading the site, I wouldn't really know what to make a submission on. The stuff there seems sensible enough although.... there was this rather "interesting" piece of text:

Where can I find more information about the Inter-Council Working Party (ICWP) on Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Risk Evaluation and Management Options and the draft proposed plan change and its associated 32 Report?

The video clip is classic propaganda. It presses all the right buttons. It's about you and the future and we need it and higher density housing is good and options are better (the same argument was made about transport in the 50's which lead to much less resourcing for public transport - no more trams)..

This is something that's going to effect Aucklanders for years to come and the people who have the time to go through this sort of thing probably aren't as representative of the people as they could be. Personally I'd be pushing for a minimal green space for each property (i.e. you can't just concrete up a section, build a monstrosity which they'll generously call "apartments" without any thought to at least some space to grow things).

So if you're able, I'd encourage any Aucklander to have a bit of a wonder around and see if they can stop nasty stuff from happening to this great city of ours. Given that a lot of what happens at the moment seems to be due to "business councils" and the like (think of all the big bottlenecks around the city - Mt Eden Village and Balmoral for example), people need to have a say (i.e. support the council's plans to fix things like this by putting parking behind the businesses and opening up the roads).


  1. Indeed we all should Nevyn.. Where we live,how we manage to transport ourselves to where we work or play; and what we breathe in or absorb through food or water, sprays etc can no longer be based on blind trust,or even educated guesswork let alone the overwhelming ignorance of many that such things do not need to be our concern.They should be.
    Not all work those involved work in our collective interests these days, nor in open and transparent ways. Thankyou.

    1. We all work toward self interest in some way or another - which is kind of a good thing within context. i.e. if everyone voted based upon the party/candidate that best represented their needs, then parliament would be representative of the people (though I all too often hear things like "A vote for anyone else is a wasted vote". Probably a remnant of First Past the Post).

      I just wish that those self interests were about something more than money (money isn't an aim unto itself and when it is so, it kills unicorns).

      So it's up to a collective voice to represent collective interests. Unfortunately, those that are heard most are those that know the process well...

      Where there's a will...