Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TED Talks Love Fest (2013-1)

I've been watching a lot of TED talks lately. I love 'em! They'r!e brilliant in all sorts of interesting ways. I love them for watching on the bus while going places (I don't drive). They have this tendency to have me thinking in different ways. In saying that, I do find that they have a different effect on me than on other people. It's a matter of perspective.

In saying that, I've found an all new match in heaven. I've been talking to someone about a project and it seems I'm being the more cautious one. Here I am talking about a pilot programme along with multiple stages and this person just wants to run with all of the ideas! I'm loving it!

So I thought I'd do a blog post on the TED talks I've watched recently.

The first song in that video is VERY much within my sense of humour. In fact, Renedox and I are often making very similar jokes. The importance of the song is explained in the following video:

And it's oh so true! The TED talks I remember and tend to stick are those that have a sense of humour. Like this one:

Which kind of feels a bit of a mixed message but it's quite an important one. I watched a talk on the future of the car which irritated me - it didn't have a sense of humour and it was about getting more cars on the road! Quite different for TED talks in general where the theme is generally about sustainability.... But when taken in context with the washing machine it kind of puts a different spin on it. I'm not going to put it up here as there's already 1/2 an hour of TED talks here (and it really wasn't all that good).

Of course, the beauty of TED talks is the interpretation. Get a room of people together, show them something and ask them individually what the message was and chances are you'd end up with a whole range of different answers.

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