Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hallenstein's Tribute to the Wall of Shame

Renedox had said something about getting a new coat this winter and so when I got an email from Hallenstein's with their winter wardrobe on display along with a great big giant 20 hour sale! I emailed him.

So being Anzac day, we headed into town. The sale ended at 1pm today - Hallenstein's opening time for Anzac day - and started at 5pm last night. It turns out the sale was for online purchases only...

This has to be the scummiest sale of all time.

While on general principal I don't object to online sales, it's clothing, in which case, sending the original email out at the end of one day ending at the opening hour of the following day means that there was absolutely no opportunity to go in store and try the clothing on. It being an online sale only was communicated by that small piece of text on the bottom of the image (you can read that right?). Note - the images haven't been scaled (real size).


  1. I bought some clothing from that firm. The goods were very important to me because I was an apprentice and I had very little money. The clothes turned out to be rubbish.

    As I am a little pig headed, I had not bought anything off them for 60 years when I again purchased a shirt off them because they were the only clothing store open in a smaller town. It turned out to be rubbish.


    1. I'm generally a fan. Their clothing does tend to be relatively cheap. In fact, it's part of my 3 stores for clothing. Farmers for general stuff. Jeans West for jeans (though their tops are rubbish - they look great but don't last the distance) and Hallensteins. So I've gotten great prices on coats for example. A coat that cost me $350 from Munns a few years ago cost $150 last year from Hallensteins.

      So I did buy a pair of dress pants and didn't really look at how much I was paying. Which as it turns out, was just as well as I have to go to a funeral tomorrow (whenever the occasion comes up to wear dress pants I normally try and find the one pair that I do have and then feel really crap about the fit - I just don't wear them at all often).

      It wasn't until I had a look at the ad again, went through the 2 emails I was sent about it, that I realised that it was online only and the only way that had been communicated was via the tiny piece of text at the bottom of the picture.

      It's also worth noting that there was another picture directly under this one so that tiny piece of text hidden in amongst the folds of some pants, also wasn't in a place of significance (neither the top, middle or bottom - about 3/4 of the way down).

      To be fair, the first email was slightly more visible - though still only small text at the bottom of a picture - it at least wasn't in the folds of some pants.

      But to my thinking, this really is deceptive advertising.