Friday, March 22, 2013

The End of Tax Troubles?

I got the phone call of my life yesterday. While I NEVER look forward to dealing with IRD (for those not in NZ, it's the tax department), this phone call had me celebrating. Really long time readers of this blog might know what I've been having problems with IRD for years. When I had the resources to sort out the issue, I did so, only to get another great big debt issued during the time that I wasn't working (officially - I still found myself horribly busy with OLPC, AuckLUG, the establishment of Tangleball, and of course, Manaiakalani).

So I'm coming to the end of a contract and asked that all progress payments be held off till near the end of the contract. This would allow me to have the funds to clear up any and all (well not quite ALL but close to it) debts. It was kind of depressing thinking that I'd have very little left over after around 5 months of work.

As it turns out this phone call was just what I needed. It was taken as an electronic submission and involved writing off various penalties, filing a tax return and eventually resulted in a tax refund that covered any debts remaining! With just a little left over!

That little though? Well it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I had allocated funds towards getting this sorted and that's now all freed up.

Of course, I'm a little sceptical. The last time I thought I was in this position I got another letter from IRD... Knowing this... I'm going to be ready.

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