Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fresh Eyes

Last night was my first testing session for Gherkin. I was completely unprepared. I'd been pushing myself pretty hard to be ready (I slept ALL day today as a result) but just couldn't pull it out of the hat. On the plus side, there's that whole spoiled thing going on...

During Christmas my mother remarked on the fact that none of my friends competed with each other. We, the awkward through school and picked upon. I think it has to do with an open source attitude. Recognising other people's strengths. And of course, there's the whole school environment. It's not about trying to prove ourselves. It's about trying to do something as a whole. So while what I had produced thus far is in such an incomplete state, there wasn't any sort of negative comments about the fact that it needs quite a bit more work.

But the fun bit - there was someone there who's only just seeing this work for the first time.

A 3 minute imaging time excluding the 1 minute needed to boot and 1 minute to shut down (I'm using Clonezilla as an environment at the moment which is silly for my needs so that 1 minute boot can probably be reduced) which can be done by ANYONE.

Which leads to a rant I had ages ago. The desktop is not the place for security. The desktop should be about being comfortable and productive. Your users should be able to install applications and customize things to their needs. And sure, I don't mean in all cases. Shared computers can quickly put a stop to this sort of thing. But if they're using the same computer day in, day out, then they might as well be comfortable.

This leads to another rant. Unity, Ubuntu's unified interface across devices (in a great big dirty case of irony, the keyboard short cut overlay doesn't appear on all devices - we tried it on a Mac running Ubuntu last night and it doesn't work on screens with a lower resolution than 1024x768 meaning it doesn't work on netbooks), removes options. Things like having your shortcuts (in the case of Unity, this is the launcher) on any side of the screen is GONE. Gnome shell isn't much better. Why are we being told how to use our computers?!?

But yeah... so I'm excited again. A customizable system that puts the power back into user's hands. Let's give users the power to ordain their own environment and see what happens - have a fallback. Is it all fire and brimstone? Can the virus threat be dealt with?

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