Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Upsetting Doctors

It all started with an offhanded comment by the doctor.... "You haven't had a blood test for a while. Mind if I get you to have one?".

Uh-oh. A bit of anxiety and I'm starting to think I should probably start getting a little healthier. It's obvious by this stage that I've got some work to do. And if I know it, then I'm sure my blood's gonna know it too. Queue a diet change and more exercise.

Given that it's just a general kind of check up rather than a blood test for any particular problem I decide it's a great idea to use it as motivation. I know I could be doing a whole lot of things better. In fact, I hadn't really been looking after myself at all. There was the few weeks last year when I'd relied on canned dinners (you know the ones. Pastas that are mushy. Irish stew, also mushy. In fact, I reckon they should just market this stuff as mush in a can) because the time needed to get out of the office would interrupt work and the cost of ordering in was just too high.

So it's been a few months and of course, I've been blogging about the things I've changed. The diet. The exercise. And I finally had the blood test.

So yesterday the doctor rang me. My cholesterol is high.

"How's your diet?" she asks.

To which I respond I've made significant changes with a focus on fresh vegetables.

"Are you getting any exercise?"

Again I respond: "I've been going out for runs and putting an emphasis on my health since about new years."

Queue threat of medication for cholesterol....

So there's this whole conflicting thing going on. If you get asked to go for a blood test and decide to use it as motivation for changing your habits, the blood test is probably still going to show things are a little out of whack (given that the blood results don't reflect your current habits). If you get the blood test and use the results as motivation (or rather, a lack of motivation), then it starts to feel like a chore rather than something you should be doing which probably has a positive result.

Anyway, the threat of medication is dependant on a blood test the same time next year...

Result: I've still got great motivation to keep up this healthier lifestyle.

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